What is Article Marketing and its benefits

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Article marketing, by definition, is writing useful articles for advertising promotions, most of which are highly beneficial in specific business niches. Embedded within the article is an author's byline and other information that subtly allows for future business contact. Most article marketing is predicated upon company product or service information as well as references. This particular sales and marketing technique has been used frequently in the past as a means of freely disseminating company information with the intent to boost sales. Formerly, with the use of direct mail marketing, media and press coverage, article marketing helped to establish business recognition within a specific industry.

Online Article Marketing
With the advent of online business proliferation, it was inevitable that online article marketing would become an additional tool for internet businesses. The simplicity with which online article marketing became a powerful promotional tool is directly related to the free and open business structure of the internet itself. Instead of formal business websites, many businesses choose article marketing as part of their website as well as an interim blog format. With the help of an Article Submission Tool, the job is now easier than before.

The Power Behind Article Marketing
As with any articles written, substantiation is crucial to the success of article marketing. How well an author of article marketing can substantiate their reputation and business recognition is the power behind article marketing. The strength of the author's online persona determines how effective article marketing will be to an online business. The author's byline is the first and foremost signature emblem of this article marketing strength. Get to know the reputation of the author and the business is instantly related to the power of the author's name in the byline.

Quality Article Marketing
The quality of article marketing can make or break a business reputation. If the information contained within the article lacks superior quality, upon distribution, the interest percentage will reveal a less than stellar result. Provide information about a business service or product that has enough strength to make it impossible for readers to ignore. A strong article marketing plan for online businesses is one way to boost revenues.