Time is the main factor in Internet article marketing

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Article marketing is taking what you know about a subject, related to your website, and expanding on it. You want to show the world that you know your business, and product(s). When you market articles, you submit them to sites, to be published, and republished by visitors. You should set goals, have a good standard layout, and an attractive biography section.

It takes a while for Internet article marketing to work, so the faster and more you write, the less time it will take to see results. You should train yourself to be able to write an article in a matter of minutes. The article should be around 400 words, or about a page on a word processing program. Start with one or two articles a day, and work up to 10 or 20. The more you write about what you know, the more people will see you as an authority.

Your layout should be concise and short paragraphs, with labels or titles. Keeping the article in a 5 paragraph format, is the easiest to read. This is a standard format with three points, an intro, and a conclusion. Your research should only take a few minutes, and the article should take 10 minutes to type, if you have a 40 wpm typing speed. The harder you work to make article writing simple, the easier it is so make money marketing with them.

Your biography and resources section should be where you promote your business. Promoting your business in the actual article, is usually considered tacky, and most people don't want to read a pitch. Consider yourself someone, who is educating the world on what you know. If you are good at it, they will want to know more about you and click on your links. Your Bio should have a link to your site, and tell a bit about it.

The best way to stay on top of your article marketing, is to set a schedule to write on a daily basis. Keep your layout simple, and always promote yourself well in your biography. Consider yourself a teacher, and the world your students. And market your articles using the best Article Submission Software.