Article Marketing Guide

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Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to market a website, but also the most time consuming. If you write articles yourself it is easy to get people to start showing up at your website, especially if you present yourself as an authority. A catchy signature line or bio is the only way to get your name out there, so it should be well thought through. Placing your articles on the right sites is the key to getting them seen on major search engines.

If you know how to write a standard five paragraph report or essay, then you can use that technique to write articles fast. The key to article marketing is having articles with your website in your bio. You need to write about a subject that pertains to your website and know it well. Your article should consist of an introduction, three tips or body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Once you've written an article or two, you want to create a Bio. Your Bio should include your name, website and a little bit about your site. Hiring a third party to do this is sometimes faster, and yields unique results. When your Bio is finished, you should be ready to submit your articles to sites.

When choosing which websites to submit your articles to, the best idea is to search the web for a topic and see which ones pop up first. The article hubs that rank higher on search engines, will get you more visitors. You also want to submit your articles to article hubs that give the articles away to blogs and other sites for free. The more users who use your article, and use it on their sites, the more advertising your site gets.

Once your articles are on the Internet, make sure you set a goal of how many to publish a day. Article marketing takes work, and pays off in the long-term, after you have many written. The quality of your articles should show readers that they have a reason to visit your site, because you are an authority.