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From: Edwin Brian
Date :

Dear Friend,


By now, you must’ve heard about article marketing. However, are you aware that companies both big and small largely depend on article marketing to gain more web traffic? So why is Article submission so popular?

Let's take a look at the Main Benefits of how Article Marketing can help drive traffic to your website allowing you to make more sales.


Benefits Of Article Marketing
Faster Search Engine Indexing

Search engine love most of these Article Directories due to their content rich nature. The search engine spiders visit these directories regularly and your links will be crawled almost immediately!

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Article Marketing helps build a solid base of incoming links to your websites. Having more relevant links pointing to your site will result in a higher search engine ranking.


Targeted Traffic From Articles

If your articles provide relevant information to the reader, he will click on the links you embedded in your article. Such targeted traffic will result in a higher conversion rate for your offers.


Boost Your Business Credibility

If you have proven yourself to be an authority in a particular niche, your readers will trust what you have to say. Your readers will follow you, subscribe to your newsletters and revisit your website.

So, if you know how to write articles (or has a ghost writer write for you) and have some knowledge about SEO, congratulations to you! However, writing articles is just the first step to article marketing.

Success in Article Marketing Is A Two-Step Process.

The second step is to drive traffic to your article. To do that, you need to know:

- How to position your article in the right niche, category, and market so that it gets noticed instantly!

- How to find the right high-ranking article submission directories

- How to manage your article submission efforts like a ‘pro’ so that your efforts make buying your products/services/affiliate a ‘no-brainer’

Once you combine these powerful steps (the ability to produce amazing SEO-rich articles and how to get these amazing articles on the right site), there is no stopping you from enjoying uninterrupted traffic to your web site that converts!

But here is the problem: What are the most effective directories to focus on? How do you submit your articles to these directories without spending too much time?

Believe me, submitting to the top 100 directories could take days if not months.

Now, I've got a confession to make. Article Marketing is one of the slowest web promotion strategies online!


Article Marketing Is Time Consuming...


Sometime back, like you, I was spending countless hours determining the potential of article marketing. A quick search in the engines fetched several submission directories but I found it really unproductive to spend days submitting my articles to the top article directories.

I have to manually create accounts, verify my accounts, add pennames and login to add my articles to all these article directories.

After burning countless hours, I realized that what I need is a solution that will enable me to save my time, effort, yet yield amazing results. I bought most of the Article Marketing tools out there.

You know what? There are 5 main problems with most article submission software:

5 Main Problems With These Tools
Limited Quality Directories

Most of these article submission tools are designed with quantity in mind and you can only submit to low quality directories.

They exclude most of the quality article directories that the search engines love. To make article marketing effective, you need both quality and quantity.


Fake Results / Outdated Directories

Some of these tools boast to have more than 1000 article directories. In actual fact, more than half of their lists are dead.

At first glance, these tools appear to have high success rates. It is often not the case.

These tools tend to have poor recognition rates when it comes to detecting success footprints (reporting some of the failed submission as success).

Furthermore, with that many directories, it is really difficult for user to manually verify if the report is true.

Most of them take months to update their article directories list while others just abandon their software.


Poor Synonyms System

Although some tools allow you to create your own dictionary of synonyms, you have to manually enter the synonyms.

A good system is one where you can just paste your existing pool of spun articles and the software will remember all the synonyms.

On top of that, none of these tools allow you to classify your synonyms into different niches.

For example the word 'training' has different meaning in different niches.

Education Niche:
training | coaching | teaching | learning

Weight loss Niche:
training | exercising | workout | jogging | exercise

These article tools simply group all the synonyms together. It is frustrating when you are writing articles for different niche.


Spam Submission With Wrong Categories

These tools randomly pick a category if it can't find what you are looking for. This will result in failed submissions or your articles going to the wrong place.


High Monthly Fees
  Those article submission software that are updated regularly comes with a monthly fees. The more you use, the more you pay.


I will be lying if I said all of these tools are bad. Some of these tools come with their own unique feature and I have always wished I could have all the best features combined in one software!

Thats when I decided to develop my own article submission software...





"Rank Higher In Search Engines
With Minimum Effort!"


Article Demon is by far the most comprehensive Article submission program available. I have 3 of these sitting on my desktop, 2 of which can now be deleted.

The ability to set up the article, use the auto account setup feature, then use the auto spin feature, then press a button and Article Demon does the rest for you.

I tested this product on one of my many websites which had been doing nothing for the last 4 months, after a session of article directory submissions; it went from page 9 in the serps for its keyword to page 2 within 2 weeks and is now on page 1.

If there is only 1 article submission tool that you need buy, this is a must.

Phil Buckland -



With ArticleDemon, you can save yourself from burning hours of submitting articles to article directories in the relevant categories.

If you are looking towards attracting visitors and turning the visit into sales, a mind-blowing content submitted on the top article submission directories will enable you to achieve your goals!

The top article directories make your marketing efforts easier by providing bloggers, news posters, and other feed owners with free content to use. This enables you to get quality backlinks and provides you with the potential to get traffic from virtually everywhere.

Submitting high quality written articles and avoid abuse/spamming is the key to success.

Now, let's look at what you can do with ArticleDemon.



Create Accounts Automatically

You can create accounts at hundreds of article directories. ArticleDemon comes with a mixture of Popular Main Directories, ArticleMS, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and Wordpress article directories.

It will take hours or even days if you are creating accounts manually across so many article directories.


Seamless Submission From Start To End

Previously, you have to wait for your account creation to finish before you can verify your emails. Once you have finish verifying your emails, you can then submit your articles.

A lot of human intervention and waiting is needed between these steps. With ArticleDemon 2, you no longer have to babysit the software during the article submission process.

You will be able to setup everything from one screen and let the software do the job seamlessly without any human intervention.


Add Your Own Article Directories

In addition to the list of article directories that come with ArticleDemon, you can add and build your own list of article directories.

You can add article directories that uses the following article script: ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and Wordpress.

There are more than a thousand of such directories around. Can you imagine the number of Backlinks you are going to get if you submit to all of them?

* If you need support for article script not listed here, let us know. We will add it if the article script is good.



Searching manually from the search engines for article directories using the free script such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and Wordpress is extremely time consuming.

With ArticleDemon's scraper, you can now search for these scripts using any footprint. It will be able to detect the type of script used automatically and remove any sites that is not supported.


Article Status Checker

ArticleDemon comes with a built-in feature that will find out if your submitted articles are published.

If an article is published, ArticleDemon is capable of retrieving that published URL and include that in your exported report.

You can save all your live links into .CSV file and use it for other purposes such as pinging.


Ping Your Links

ArticleDemon comes with a pinging feature to help you ping your approved articles. This will help get your article pages indexed faster.

ArticleDemon comes with a ping servers checker. You can check if the ping servers you have entered are working. You can also add your own webpages and any URLS for pinging.


Contextual Linking For Wordpress

You can setup multiple contextual profile for your wordpress directories. This will help you insert your anchor links into the body of your content automatically.

Contextual Linking For Wordpress

You can setup multiple contextual profile for your wordpress directories. This will help you insert your anchor links into the body of your content automatically.


As shown in the above example the word 'training' has different meaning in different niches.



Make use of the scheduler to submit your articles over a period of time. You can spread your article submission evenly or randomly with your preferred timing.


Article Spinning And Rewriter

You can use spinning syntax in the form of { | } to create hundreds of unique versions of your article. Multi level spinning is also supported.

Unique versions of your articles will be submitted to different article directories.


ArticleDemon comes with its own synonyms database which you can easily use to build spin syntax for words and phrases in your article.


You can also identify all the words in your article that have synonyms with one click of a button.


ArticleDemon comes with a mass replace synonyms function that allows you to instantly create spin syntax to all the words/phrase that have synonyms in your article.


We have also integrated some of the most popular article spinning services such as SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, thebestspinner and ContentProfessor.

If you are an existing memeber of these services, just enter your account details and ArticleDemon will connect to their database.


Spin Syntax Error Detection

EdwinSoft's software is the first to implement the spin syntax error detection. If you are missing or have entered extra { or } , ArticleDemon will warn you before you proceed.


Spin Article Into Hundreds Of Unique Versions

With ArticleDemon, you can spin your article into hundreds of unique versions and store them into .TXT files


Niche Synonyms Classification

With ArticleDemon, you can replace your article with your favorite synonyms. You can build and classify your own set of synonyms into different set of niches.


As shown in the above example the word 'training' has different meaning in different niches.

Now you can easily rewrite your articles by using different set of niche specific synonyms to produce more readable spun articles.


Preview Spun Article

Preview your spun article as you rewrite. This ensures that your spun articles are readable.


Synonyms Harvester

ArticleDemon comes with a synonyms harvester to update your synonyms database by using your existing spin-able articles.

Simply paste your spin-able articles into ArticleDemon and it will harvest all the spin syntax to build up your own unique database.


Accurate Category Selection

ArticleDemon has the most advanced category searching system. You can enter multiple keywords and ArticleDemon will find all the article directories that matches the correct category.


Account and Project Management

You can add, edit and delete multiple account profiles. You can renew your account profiles for different sites and task.rganize for your multi-niche needs.

You can create multiple projects and tasks for better niche management.


Anti-Bot With Human Simulation

ArticleDemon is the only article submission software to implement Anti-Bot mechanism that support Submission Throttling. It can simulate human submission speed to lower the chance of getting your accounts banned.


Faster Submission With MultiThreading

If your connection and computer are fast, you can increase the multi threading number in ArticleDemon. You can speed up your article submissions by submitting to many article directories concurrently.

You can also set the submission speed to make your article submissions more human-like.


Proxy Servers Rotation

If you are naughty and get your IP banned from the article directories, you can always make use of the proxy server function to submit your articles.

Some article directories restrict the number of accounts you can create daily. The use of proxy servers will enable you to create more accounts.

With the proxy tester, you will be able to find out if your proxies are revealing your real IP address.


Visual Aid

Now you can have handsoff CAPTCHA solving for your submissions using the low cost CAPTCHA services provided by decaptcher, bypasscaptcha, imagetyperz, deathbycaptcha and captcha sniper. Just enter your login credential into ArticleDemon and you are ready to go.

Decaptcher @ $2.22 per 1000 images
Bypasscaptcha @ $14 per 2000 images
Imagetyperz @ $1.65 per 1000 images
Deathbycaptcha @ $1.39 per 1000 images

You can also set the priority of the captcha services. When your first priority captcha service fails, it will move on to use the 2nd priority captcha service and so on.


Seamless Upgrade To UltimateDemon

Built within ArticleDemon is our seamless upgrade technology. It allows users to buy another EdwinSoft's product and enable it within the same piece of software without losing their work.

UltimateDemon, BookmarkingDemon and ArticleDemon are unified using 1 single platform. You can check out the ultimatedemon here.





Now, a fair value for ArticleDemon will be $127 with a monthly recurring fee of $47. I know I could easily sell at that price, but it is still out of reach for most people who want to automate their painful and time-consuming Article Marketing process.

Like you, I hate to bleed before I make any real money!

So for a very limited time only, you can own a copy of ArticleDemon today for an Investment of ONLY $127 $97!


As you know, many top Article Directories constantly come up with tough measures against spam and this made many article directory software to stop working. Similarly, to keep ArticleDemon running smoothly, regular updates are needed.

These updates incur additional costs which are passed down to customers with a monthly fee.

But if you get a copy of ArticleDemon today, there will be No Monthly Fee and you will get all the Updates for free!


"Article Marketing Is
No Longer Time Consuming!"


I was given an opportunity to test the beta version of ArticleDemon. I find it to be a very comprehensive software for preparing and submitting articles to various article directories.

The software is very well constructed, covering the whole process from creating accounts to checking the submission

status in the directories, all with easy to follow layout and menu structures, making it a breeze for anyone to go through the whole process of submitting articles.

The inclusion of article spinning capability is most welcome, as it allows generating countless versions of an article right in the software, and these versions are randomly submitted to the directories, so that the risk of duplicate content is automatically and effortlessly avoided.

The function to go back to each directory to check whether the submitted articles have been accepted or not is one of the brightest point of this software. Those who have used other software from EdwinSoft such as Bookmarking Demon will find ArticleDemon to be very familiar, with many wonderful features shared between these software, and some are even improved in ArticleDemon.

So, if you are looking for a comprehensive and very capable software to do your article submissions, I recommend ArticleDemon.

Joshua Lie - beta tester



With My Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee,
You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

I am so sure that you will love ArticleDemon – that I am offering an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with ArticleDemon, simply notify me during the first 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s right, you have 30 days to test drive my ArticleDemon. This makes it absolutely risk-free to try it out! Get it now!




"Earn More Affiliate Commissions And Sell More Products Today!"


Let's look at what you can expect after using this incredible article submission tool.

Benefits Of ArticleDemon
More Affiliate Commissions

You will make more commissions as an affiliate for many different affiliate programs. You can create dozens of review websites and link to them from your articles. You will be able to get ultra targeted traffic to your affiliate sites!


Sold More Of Your Own Products

If you have your own products, you can use articles to establish yourself as an authority in your industry by giving them free quality information. Once you gain their trust, they are more willing to buy what you have to offer.


More Time To Focus On Your Business

As they say, time is money. If you are spending hours submitting your articles manually, you will know it is tiring and time wasting. Now with ArticleDemon, you can focus your time more towards business management.


Stop wasting your time submitting your articles manually. Get a copy of ArticleDemon today.


"Drives High Quality Backlinks
To Your Websites!"


ArticleDemon is THE most advanced article marketing software we've seen.

It has everything one needs to get those high quality backlinks from authority
and high pagerank article directories!

David Wong -



YES EDWIN! - I Want To Get My Hands On ArticleDemon!

Contact Support if you're getting payment errors.


  ArticleDemon System requirements:
    * 32/64bit OS *Windows XP/Window Vista/Windows7/Windows8 *.Net Framework v3.5


To your HUGE success,

Edwin Brian



P.S. With ArticleDemon, it has never been easier for you to write and submit your articles automatically and make more money. You can start increasing your affiliate commissions and sell more products today with our article submission tool

P.P.S. Remember, this special offer of $97 will not last long. ArticleDemon can easily be sold at the price of $127. You must hurry before I raise the price!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, I offer a 100% Full Money Back Guarantee. Test drive ArticleDemon for a full 30 days. If you are not satisfied with it, contact my support within those 30 days and I'll refund your money, no questions asked! You've got nothing to lose, so own a copy of our article marketing software today!


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